Obama Beats Trump As Most Admired Man In Every Country – Except Russia

Even though former President Barack Obama has been out of office for well over year, the United States and the rest of the world continue to admire him, a new poll shows.

According to YouGov, Obama isn’t just more admired than Donald Trump in the United States, but he’s more popular in all 35 countries surveyed – except Russia.

“In the US, former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama top the lists,” the survey found.

When it comes to world opinion, YouGov continues: “The 44th American president is 15 places higher than the man that replaced him – with Donald Trump going up one place since the last study. In fact, the last US president ranks higher than the incumbent in all countries surveyed bar one: Russia.”

Screenshot via YouGov of how Trump stacks up to Obama:

Screen Shot 2018 04 11 at 7.03.16 PM

Donald Trump has embarrassed the United States

During the campaign and since taking office, Donald Trump has repeatedly embarrassed the United States.

Whether it’s his inability to competently and thoughtfully carry out the duties of the commander-in-chief; his petty fight-picking with U.S. allies; his failure to strongly condemn Russia; or the growing stench of corruption he’s filled the White House with, Trump has shown himself to be everything Barack Obama wasn’t.

As I wrote last year before Trump took office, Obama served with class and dignity for eight years. He thoughtfully took on the challenges facing the country and never flinched when his deranged critics plastered him with the most absurd attacks.

Since Trump took office, the difference between the two men has only become more obvious.

Though Trump’s rhetoric, social media ramblings, and inability to do the hard work his job entails, he continues to demonstrate just how unfit he is to hold this prestigious office.

The more time that Donald Trump spends in the White House, the more the American people – and folks all across the globe – wish that a man of character and dignity like Barack Obama was back in the Oval Office.