Joe Scarborough Makes Special Primetime TV Appearance Just To Tell Off Paul Ryan

Joe Scarborough made a special primetime appearance on MSNBC on Wednesday just to share how quickly his respect for Paul Ryan has evaporated in the era of Donald Trump.

In a segment with Chris Hayes, the right-leaning morning host listed all the ways Ryan has failed the country since Trump took office.

On Ryan’s spinelessness over the past 15 months, Scarborough said: “I don’t understand it and I never will.”


Scarborough shredded the outgoing Speaker of the House:

Where was Paul Ryan’s press conference after Charlottesville? Where was Paul Ryan’s press conference after Donald Trump tweeted out neo-Nazi videos? Where was Paul Ryan’s press conference when Donald Trump was attacking the men and women that have protected this country for so many years, the FBI agents that protected us after 9/11? Where’s Paul Ryan been standing up defending Robert Mueller day in and day out? It hasn’t happened. I don’t know why. For those of us who have liked Paul Ryan and respected him for years, that will remain one of the great mysteries of his speakership. I don’t understand it and I never will.

Paul Ryan is tired of being Trump’s lapdog

Paul Ryan likely wants to get out of Washington D.C. before the looming midterm bloodbath hits his party in November. 

As Jason Easley pointed out earlier, “The truth is that Ryan can see that Democrats are in a strong position to take back the House, and he doesn’t want to serve in the minority.”

But that’s not the only reason Ryan is fleeing (other than the bland excuse of wanting to spend more time with his family).

The other probable reason behind the Speaker’s departure is that he can no longer live with himself if he continues to be Donald Trump’s lapdog. After 15 months of happily selling out to the most dangerous president this country has seen – in all the ways Scarobough laid out – Paul Ryan has had enough.

If he wants to redeem himself at all on the way out, he should put his country before his president by moving to protect Robert Mueller’s investigation.