Indictment Or Impeachment: Rachel Maddow Zeroes In On Two Likely Outcomes Of The Mueller Report


Rachel Maddow warned Donald Trump that his refusal to sit down for an interview with Robert Mueller, thus speeding up the special counsel’s obstruction of justice report, does not bode well for him.

According to Maddow, what we already know about the forthcoming Mueller report suggests two possible outcomes for Trump: A criminal indictment or a recommendation that Congress moves forward with impeachment proceedings.

“That is not good for the president,” Maddow said on Thursday.



Maddow laid it all out:

The next questions that come up immediately are, when is this report coming? Are these the four findings or will there be more? Also, does learning that this is his level of risk change the president’s decision about whether or not he is going to talk to Mueller? And lastly, is it, in fact, a settled matter that if these obstruction findings are this serious against the president, is it a settled matter that Mueller definitely wouldn’t try to bring them forward as an indictment? … If the special counsel has arrived at conclusions that implicate the president in obstruction of justice on at least these four grounds, how will it be decided? Who will decide whether these findings from Mueller will be brought forward in the form of criminal charges versus in the form of a report that goes to Congress for potential impeachment proceedings? … If NBC news is right in this new report this evening and Robert Mueller is planning on reporting these findings to Rod Rosenstein at the Justice Department, would it then be Rosenstein’s decision whether or not to actually put forward these findings on the president and obstruction in the form of a criminal indictment? So, like I said, normal Thursday.

Mueller appears to have Trump cornered

The four obstruction findings that Mueller is focused on in his report, as mentioned by Maddow and reported by NBC on Thursday, show that Trump is stuck in a corner.

Either he slows down the report by sitting down for an interview with Mueller, which poses other obstacles for the truth-challenged president, or he allows the report to go forward more quickly than was expected.

In any event, there are likely no good outcomes left for a president that finally appears unable to escape his own corruption.