Trump Invents A Fantasy Democratic Tax Increase As Blue Wave Looms

Trump stood in the Rose Garden and invented a fantasy Democratic tax increase to be spent on unnamed items, as a blue wave loons on the horizon.


Trump said, “Nobody thought they’d ever see that. They’ll have a lot more money to spend. And we didn’t get one democratic vote. That’s tough. In fact, I have to say, they want to increase your taxes. If they ever got into power, they have stated that they want to increase your taxes and spend money on things that you don’t even want to know about.”

No Democrat has said that they plan to raise taxes if they win back Congress. There is also no hidden horror list of spending priorities, which is why Trump couldn’t name anything that Democrats were going to spend money on.

Trump is worried about the blue wave

It isn’t a coincidence that the day after Paul Ryan announced that he is not running for reelection, Trump is in the Rose Garden warning about fantasy Democratic tax increases because Republicans are scared. Trump used one of the oldest political stereotypes and tricks in the book. The right-wing fear of the tax-hiking liberal. Republicans see that the blue wave is coming, and as Trump gets more nervous, one can guarantee that there will be more outrageous lies coming.

Time is running out on the Republican-controlled federal government.