Trump Calls For James Comey To Be Imprisoned During Meltdown Over Book

Trump melted down into an insane tirade on Twitter where he is personally attacking former FBI Director James Comey and calling him a slimeball and calling for his prosecution.

Trump tweeted:

When Trump says prosecute, he means prison

Trump was saying that Comey is criminal who should be prosecuted. The president’s tweets were a classic example of Trump projecting what he has done on to others. It is Trump who has leaked classified information, repeatedly including to the Russians. It is also Trump who being investigated for obstruction of justice and other potential crimes. Trump wants to put Comey in prison because the former FBI director had the nerve to speak out and tell the truth in a book about his behavior. James Comey wouldn’t be a lackey, so Trump is trying to punish him.

Trump wants to use Department of Justice as his personal weapon

Another deeply troubling aspect of Trump’s tweets is that he is trying to use the DOJ to prosecute someone who he views as an enemy. On Thursday, Trump said that he would stay in office for 16 years if Congress would change the law. Conservatives immediately howled that Trump was joking, but Trump’s statement was based on his own authoritarian tendencies. This president believes that he is above the law and that he is the government.

The personal attacks have become standard for Trump, but it is the un-democratic view of presidential power that should infuriate every American.