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Latest Gallup Poll Shows Lowest Approval of Trump’s Presidency

President Donald Trump likes to brag whenever his approval rating is rising in any poll.  But the latest Gallup poll shows his approval rating is going in the opposite direction.  Already historically low, the latest results from Gallup show Trump’s approval dropping to 38%, the lowest point of his presidency.

The president’s unfavorable rating is at 59%, giving him a net negative 21% which is one of the lowest in the 70 year history of Gallup.

The latest poll comes after Trump’s extensive twitter attacks on Special Counsel Robert Mueller which seem to have hurt the president more than helped him.  This is not surprising since Mueller is well regarded by the majority of Americans who also trust him more than Trump.

The Gallup poll was conducted from April 2nd through April 11th, which means most of the responses were tabulated before the FBI raid on the New York offices of Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer and “fixer.”  The poll was also done before the release of information about former FBI Director James Comey’s new book about Trump, so that had no bearing on the poll results.

In his book “A Higher Loyalty,” Comey presented an unflattering portrait of the president and compared his management style to a crime boss. Trump fired back yesterday on twitter, writing that Comey is a “slime ball.”  It is doubtful that this latest twitter tirade from Trump will help his overall approval ratings, especially since Comey is just starting a two-week media blitz promoting his book which will be formally released on Tuesday.  Even though it hasn’t been released yet it is at the top of the best seller charts and is expected to generate extensive media coverage and discussions about Trump over the next few weeks.

The Gallup organization released information saying that President Trump’s favorability rating in their poll had peaked at 46 percent in February 2017, less than a month after he took the oath of office.

Other polls have shown record low approval ratings for the president, and this is known to upset him. 

Given his increasingly erratic behavior as the Russia probe closes in on him, it is likely that in the future we’ll be seeing even more record low approval ratings for this president unless he leaves office first, which would be the best result for everyone.


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