Trump Confirms That He Is Using The Military As Russia Distraction

Trump made it clear with his Saturday morning tweets that he is trying to hide behind the military to distract from the Russia investigation.

Trump tweeted:

When a president is as deep in the dumpster as Trump is, he really can’t go any lower by proclaiming mission accomplished. Of course, the mission was not accomplished. No one believes that it was. Experts anticipate that Assad will use chemical weapons again soon because he lacks the manpower to fight a conventional civil war. The Pentagon is saying that they delivered a blow to the heart of the chemical weapons program, which doesn’t sound like a mission that has been accomplished.

The only mission that Trump accomplished was the creation of a distraction away from the Russia scandal for a few hours. Right after Trump announced the strikes, Rachel Maddow was discussing perception that this was a wag the dog moment.

Trump has been ranting about the Mueller investigation for weeks on Twitter, but suddenly, there is no mention of Russia just Donald wrapped in the flag.

Trump is pretending to be a wartime president, and he didn’t even do that correctly. There was an immediate contradiction between Trump and his own Secretary of Defense over whether these strikes were a one time deal. Trump is trying to claim victory because there were never going to be any more strikes.

A mission accomplished moment would be the final nail in the coffin for any other presidency, but Trump’s is already on life support as the nation waits for Robert Mueller to pull the plug.

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