Paul Ryan Promises To Commit Treason If Senate Passes Bill To Protect Mueller

On Meet The Press, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) made it clear that he would not allow a House vote on a bill to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller even if it passes the Senate.


Transcript of the exchange between Chuck Todd and Paul Ryan:

Chuck Todd: Do you believe that if the Senate passes this bill to protect Mueller you’ll bring it up in the House?

Speaker Ryan: I don’t think it’s necessary.

Todd: Insurance isn’t necessary, but you buy it.

Ryan: First of all, I don’t think he should be fired and I think he should be left to do his job and we’ve had plenty of conversations about this. It’s not in the president’s interest to do that. We have a rule of law system. No one is above that rule of law system. I don’t think he will be fired and I don’t think he should be fired and I’ll leave it at that.

Even though he is leaving the House, Paul Ryan is not going to do the right thing for his country and allow a vote on a bill to protect Robert Mueller. Ryan is willing to commit a crime against the United States of America by giving Trump the green light to fire the Special Counsel.

This does not mean that there will not be a vote. There is a bipartisan discharge petition working its way through the House that will force a vote on a bill that would make it virtually impossible to fire Trump to fire Mueller. With dozens of House Republicans retiring, and Trump having few allies in Congress, the petition stands a better than average chance of being able to force a vote.

Paul Ryan is betraying his country

Speaker Ryan won’t allow a vote because protecting a corrupt president is more important to him than his own country. Not protecting Mueller is borderline treasonous, which is why if Democrats win back the House, they need to investigate Ryan, Nunes, and the House Republican leadership’s cover-up efforts to protect Trump.