Fox News Should Either Fire Sean Hannity Or Start Calling Itself State TV

For months, Fox News blowhard Sean Hannity has been smearing Robert Mueller, calling him conflicted and saying he should be removed as special counsel.

For even longer, the right-wing extremist has attacked the “fake news” for reporting facts instead of the tinfoil hat nonsense he spews on a nightly basis.

On Monday, it was revealed that the real person with conflicts and credibility issues isn’t Mueller or high-ranking FBI officials – though most of us have already known that.

It’s Sean Hannity.

As it was reported a short time ago by CNN and other outlets, “Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen also represents Fox News host Sean Hannity, Cohen’s attorneys said Monday afternoon.”

What’s worse is that Hannity didn’t bother to inform his viewers – not that they would have minded – that he is a client of the legally troubled Michael Cohen, who also represents the President of the United States.

If Fox News wants to continue to pretend to be a legitimate news organization, Hannity should be fired immediately. Even for them, this is over the line.

As Democratic Congressman Gerry Connoly of Virginia said on CNN a short time ago, “His word can never again be trusted given the fact that he consciously did not reveal this relationship.”


The Democratic representative said laid out all the damage Hannity has already done and said today’s development is the final nail in Hannity’s coffin:

Today’s announcement that Sean Hannity was the third client, to me, deserves a lot of attention. Sean Hannity has been among the lowest of the low, wrestling in the mud of birth conspiracies, Seth Rich conspiracies about the young man who tragically was murdered here in Washington – that maybe that was a different kind of murder. All kinds of conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton. Distributing false and fake news left and right. And now what we learn is, as he’s defending the president’s lawyer on television, he has a conflict on interest, an ethical conflict of interest. He is one of those clients. He never revealed that. And I think that’s a big stain on certainly Mr. Hannity but also Fox News. … I think they ought to fire Sean Hannity. He is so into this like a pig in the mud, he can’t get out of it. I think he deserves to be fired. His word can never again be trusted given the fact that he consciously did not reveal this relationship.

Note to Fox: Either fire Hannity, or call yourself state TV

A real news organization can’t allow one of its primetime news commentators to spend hours on television reporting on and interviewing Michael Cohen without once revealing that it’s his lawyer, too – or that he frequently seeks his legal counsel and advice.

As legal analyst Seth Abramson noted a short time ago, this is the stuff of “state television,” not a legitimate news outlet.

Ultimately, Fox News has never been a credible source of information, and it never will be.

But Hannity, who repeatedly questions the credibility and character of those who hold Donald Trump accountable, has crossed the line. Fox News should acknowledge that and act accordingly.

If they choose to do nothing and continue to allow Sean Hannity to regurgitate his venomous propaganda on their airwaves, they need to own up to what they really are: not a news organization dedicated to informing the American people, but state TV meant to protect Donald Trump.