New Poll Shows House Democrats Hold 10-Point Lead Among Adult Voters, But It Shows Signs Of Shrinking

Though Democrats so far find themselves in a good position heading into midterm elections, a new poll conducted by ABC News/Washington Post shows that the strength of the party’s lead is weakening.

In January, Democrats led by 13 points among all adult voters, 12 points among registered voters, and 15 points among voters who were both registered and planned on definitely voting.

The new poll finds that this advantage has shrunk to 10, 4, and 5 points in each of the aforementioned groups respectively.

The ABC report lists several possible reasons this decrease is happening:  a slum in the number of Democrats self-reporting their registrations; an increase of urgency among Republican voters; and a lessening of enthusiasm among Democrats.

Democrats have been winning a string of congressional races, and there is tangible evidence that a blue wave is probably coming, but this latest poll proves that Democrats need to not get complacent. They left still holds the lead but it’s not strong enough that we can 100% expect a Democratic majority in the House come November. For that to happen, engagement needs to continue with the energy the left has so far shown.