Adam Schiff Applauds Courts For Doing What GOP Has Refused To Do: Put Rule Of Law Over Trump

The ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), applauded a federal court decision on Monday to block Donald Trump’s request to keep investigators from examining the evidence they recovered during the Michael Cohen raids.

As The Hill reported earlier, “Judge Kimba Wood of federal District Court in Manhattan denied an attempt by Cohen and President Trump to stop prosecutors from reviewing the materials that the FBI seized from his office, home and hotel room last week, according to multiple reports.”

In response to the court decision, Schiff said, “The rule of law won the day.”


Schiff said:

The rule of law won the day here. The president’s lawyer wasn’t treated differently than any other lawyer. The same procedures that would be used in any courtroom in the country to decide what is attorney-client privilege and what is not were applied by this judge, which will probably mean the judge earns the condemnation of the president. But I think it is very encouraging for the country to see that no one is above the law, including the president’s lawyer or the president himself. The justice department was going to dot every I and cross every T before they ever sought any warrant on an attorney, let alone the president’s attorney. So you have to think they put a lot of thought, did a lot of scrutiny of this before they went forward. The fact that he has been under investigation apparently for months means this is very serious business, and they wouldn’t go to this step lightly. The right ruling by the judge here. Frankly, Chris, the deal that you were marveling at that the Trump and Cohen lawyers wanted where they got to decide what they turned over to the prosecutors is basically the deal they got from our majority in our committee. … But we were never able to pursue it. Basically, Cohen was able to decide, I’ll let you know what I feel like turning over to you.

America’s justice system is doing what the Republican Party refused to do

As Schiff told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, what Trump and Cohen were trying to get investigators to agree to – a fake investigation – is essentially what the Republicans have given this president since he took office.

Every step of the way, the GOP has either refused to take the investigations seriously or blatantly undermined them by waging attacks on the FBI or special counsel Robert Mueller.

They may have been successful in these efforts to water down or derail congressional inquiries into Trump’s corruption, but it’s completely out of their hands now.

The American people are finally getting the investigation that the majority party in Congress has refused to give them for months.

Donald Trump and Michael Cohen are in serious legal trouble, and there is nothing Republicans in Congress can do to stop it anymore.