A Conspiracy Unravels As Sean Hannity Is Michael Cohen’s Mystery Client

A conspiracy appears to be unraveling before the eyes of the nation, as Michael Cohen’s lawyer was forced to name his client’s mystery client’s name in court, and the attorney named Fox News’ Sean Hannity.


Shimon Prokupecz of CNN reported:

These are arguments that are ongoing all morning, Michael Cohen’s attorneys tried every which way not to release this name. The judge shot them down. We are — the media, The New York Times, us, CNN. Other folks, we had our lawyer get up and argued. The judge agreed this name should is not remain sealed it was a name that needed to get out. Just the mere fact that you represent someone, a client does not make it privileged information. In stunning fashion, she ordered Michael Cohen’s attorney to say the name in court, he at one point offered to put it in an envelope and give it to her.

He wanted it to remain sealed. She said no, I’m ordering you to release the name. And he stood up and said the name, Sean Hannity. And there was obviously a lot of reaction from people in the courtroom most of the people in the courtroom are press. Spectators, Stormy Daniels in the back sitting next to her attorney. That name shocked everyone. Several of us got up and walked out to try to report this information. We don’t know in what way Michael Cohen was representing him. It relates to some of the material they were arguing may be privileged. They wanted to review these records before the FBI and prosecutors started reviewing them.

The link between Trump world and Fox News runs deeper than anyone thought.

This tweet from Trump telling people to watch Hannity after the Michael Cohen raid is now very important:

No one knows why Cohen was representing Hannity, but the potential for payouts or a Hannity/Russia connection just got a lot more likely. Trump’s scandal just became Fox News’ scandal as the Russia investigation is threatening to wipe out the entire Republican machine.

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