The FBI Used A Wiretap And Has Tapes Of Trump And Michael Cohen

The FBI didn’t just do surveillance on Michael Cohen. They were recording his calls. Being that Trump and Cohen have maintained frequent phone contact, the FBI now has tapes.


Tom Winter of NBC News reported, “Bottom line, Katy, we haven’t quite figured out the question of what is going to happen next and what prosecutors are going to be able to have a chance the look at. This certainly slows things down. It is an active investigation. As we know from court filings last week Michael Cohen is under federal criminal investigation. As you highlighted there has been covert surveillance done on Mr. Cohen. My understanding is that that includes a wiretap in this case. This is an active investigation that’s now being slowed down a little bit.”

If the FBI has recordings it will be fitting because after he fired James Comey, Trump tried to intimidate Comey by pretending like he had tapes of their conversations, but it turns out that it is the FBI who has the real tapes, and who knows what they have Trump on tape saying about business dealings, Russia, and a myriad of other scandals.

It is understandable why the White House is more worried about the Cohen investigation than the Mueller investigation. Everything with Donald Trump comes back to corruption, but law enforcement has gotten into his inner circle and has the goods.

Not since Nixon have recordings had so much potential to bring a president down.