Chuck Todd Gets Reminded That Fox News Is Not A News Organization

After Chuck Todd tweeted that we are going to find out what kind of organization Fox News is today, a former senior adviser to President Obama reminded him that Fox News is not a news organization.

Todd tweeted:

Dan Pfeiffer replied:

It has been clear to viewers outside of the Republican Party for years that Fox News is not a news organization, but this mindset, especially in the realm of television news that Fox News is or might be a news organization is a large part of the problem that allows Fox to consistently push political material as news. Fox News is a political organization, which is fine, but they should not be treated as news. Their programming should be viewed the same way that journalists treat press releases and statements. Fox is only telling one side of the story, and when a story is bad for Trump and the Republicans, they downplay and ignore that story.

A news organization would fire Sean Hannity for not disclosing such a conflict, but Hannity is one of the few big-name draws that Fox has left. If Hannity goes, Fox News will permanently lose the top spot in the ratings to MSNBC.

It is time to stop asking what kind or organization Fox News is, and begin to ask what is the country going to do about its Fox News problem? Fox is only watched by a few million people a day. They have outsized reach because the press and the Republican Party have given them credibility by treating Fox like news.

Hannity is the latest example of the fact that Fox News is a political operation, not a news organization.

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