Eric Holder Calls Out GOP Cowards For Being Too Scared To Protect Mueller

Eric Holder called out Republican cowards for being too afraid of the Republican base to take action to protect Robert Mueller.


Holder responded to Mitch McConnell’s claim that a law to protect Mueller wasn’t necessary by saying, “You don’t build a hurricane wall when you see Katrina five miles out from the shore. There’s a basis to conclude that Bob Mueller potentially could be fired by this president. Let’s put in place a mechanism that would prevent that from happening. Think about the chaos that would be unleashed in the country, the constitutional crisis that this nation would go have to face and undoubtedly then have to try to endure. You can take this preventive measure that would stop all of that in its tracks.”

When he was asked by Chris Hayes why Republicans won’t protect Mueller, the former attorney general said, “I think that they are afraid of angering the Trump base which is the Republican base. And we can’t make that distinction anymore. This notion there is a trump base which is different from the Republican base is inconsistent with all the polling we’ve seen. They are concerned about making sure their base comes out, their base votes in November, that their base is behind them. People who have to deal with the primaries. I think at some basic level, they’re afraid of him.”

Holder was right. There is no difference between the Trump base and the Republican base. They are one in the same. A person who is an anti-Trump Republican really isn’t a Republican anymore. Republicans have governed and only been motivated by crisis since they took over the House of Representatives in 2011, so it would be completely out of character for Congressional Republicans to act in a preemptive way.

The reason why Republicans in Congress won’t act is that they are terrified. They’re scared of being primaried. They’re frightened of losing their seats. Incumbent Republicans would rather risk a constitutional crisis before they would take action to protect Robert Mueller.

Eric Holder nailed it. Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and company are most definitely not a profile in courage.

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