11 House Republicans Just Requested A Criminal Investigation Of Hillary Clinton and James Comey

Republicans are trying to save themselves by requesting that the DOJ and FBI investigate Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and other former DOJ officials.

ABC News tweeted:

The request is coming straight from Trump

Trump has been tweeting for days that Comey has committed crimes:

The 11 House Republicans are the lackeys of Trump who are trying to pressure the DOJ into opening a second investigation that they can use to distract from the Mueller and Cohen investigation. Hillary Clinton has been investigated more than any former candidate in modern history. Republicans are trying to run on Hillary Clinton again because they are realizing that they are toast unless they can find a counter scandal that Trump can hide behind.

The call for an investigation of Comey is an obvious effort to discredit the former FBI director and the story that he is telling.

Republicans are desperate and have nothing to run on

House Republicans are desperate. As the political landscape currently stands, they are poised to lose the House. They may also lose the Senate. The tax cut bill that they planned on running on is not popular with voters, and they have an unstable president who is distracting from any agenda that they might try to set by ranting about anything and everything that gets under his skin. Republicans have nothing, which is why they are pulling Hillary Clinton out of mothballs and trying to discredit Comey.

The Republican Party is has gone off the cliff and is grasping at anything in the hopes of stopping their historic plummet toward failure.

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