Senate Dem Warns McConnell That He’s About To Be Buried In GOP Support For Pro-Mueller Bill

Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut warned Senate Majority Leader Mitch Connell on Thursday that he’s about to be hit with a “groundswell” of support for legislation to protect Robert Mueller.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, the Democrat said that members of the GOP caucus in Congress are increasingly supportive of a bill that protects the special counsel investigation.

As Donald Trump continues to spout off about the investigation, Sen. Blumenthal said it will become impossible for McConnell to refuse a vote on protections for Mueller.


The Democratic Senator said:

I think Mitch McConnell is going to face a groundswell within his own caucus. … I think that if there are continuing threats and rants and tirades from the president, in other words, if he fails to follow what I hope will be Rudy Giuliani’s advice – that he should state unequivocally and publicly that he will permit this investigation to finish – I think there will be that groundswell. You know, there is a growing sense of real alarm among Republican colleagues. Democracy is not shatter-proof, and our democracy is under attack. Time is not on our side. The time for wishful thinking — and I think Mitch McConnell has expressed his wishful thinking that we have nothing to worry about – that time is over. And I think it may not be next week, but at some point if Donald Trump continues these threats and the danger to our democracy continues as well, I think you will see a groundswell within that caucus.

Mitch McConnell might not have a choice but to allow a vote

The GOP Senate leader continues to say he won’t hold a vote on the matter, but he may soon have no choice.

As Sen. Blumenthal said on Thursday, it’s not just Democrats calling for safeguards for the Russia investigation. An increasing number of Republican lawmakers are also on the record in support of such a measure.

In recent days, Republicans like Sens. Chuck Grassley, Thom Tillis and Jeff Flake have spoken out in support of pro-Mueller legislation.

In other words, a growing number of GOP lawmakers couldn’t care less what McConnell publicly hopes the president won’t do. Instead, they are proactively taking steps to protect Mueller, particularly as Trump continues to descend further into chaos.

Mitch McConnell should join his Republicans colleagues in protecting the special counsel investigation before it’s too late.