Rachel Maddow’s James Comey Interview Brilliantly Terrified Trump

Rachel Maddow’s interview with James Comey was both extremely informative and terrifying to Trump and his White House.

Maddow asked Comey questions about Mike Flynn that he couldn’t answer due to the information being a part of the Mueller investigation.

Comey spoke about the organized campaign by Trump to smear him and others:

Comey said, “There’s certainly been an organized campaign to target me. There was definitely an organized campaign to attack Andy Mccabe, urge his firing, tear down his reputation, attack his wife. Just shameful attacks from the president directly. And with respect to the others, I know them all well, there’s different stories.”

Comey and Maddow talked about Trump’s claim that he talked to Putin about hookers:



Maddow: He told you he’d had a personal conversation with president Putin about hookers?

Comey: Yes.

Maddow: Did you believe him or did you think he was speaking Hieber — hyperbolically?

Comey: He didn’t seem to be speaking hyperbolically.

James Comey described how difficult it would be to kill the Russia investigation:

Comey said, “I actually don’t think you could accomplish that by firing director Mueller. I think you’d have to fire everybody in the FBI and the justice department to accomplish that in practice given the commitment of the people in those organizations. So I don’t know what he has in mind. Somebody new to oversee the investigation orders it staffed to be unseconded. Orders there be no new steps taken? Presumably, someone in the oversight role that many Rod Rosenstein has now who wanted to kill it could kill it.It would be hard to kill given the people in the organizations. Maybe not impossible, but very hard to kill.”

Maddow didn’t tread over the same ground as other interviews that Comey has done. She instead focused on details, and the overall big picture and the portrait that the Maddow interview painted was that of a White House and a president who is in deep trouble. Rachel Maddow did the best interview that Comey has done so far.

Trump was already terrified, but after listening to Comey talk to Rachel Maddow for nearly an hour, Republicans should be prepared for their political doom.

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