The World Is Ignoring Trump As Republicans Get A Dose Of Real Leading From Behind

Well, it was bound to come to this. The party that prides itself on being “tough” and whose base imagines themselves to be the Clint Eastwood character in a movie about vigilante justice, but always for the good guys, has elected and enabled the most incompetent president probably in the history of our country.

The party that mocked Obama for “leading from behind” and labeled kind, peace-seeking Christian Jimmy Carter “weak” has elected and continue to enable a man whom foreign leaders are ignoring.

Yes, really.

“The world learns to ignore Trump. ” POLITICO announced. “Diplomats and investors are starting to dismiss Trump’s policy tweets and other quickly shifting statements.”

“Wall Street, corporate America and the diplomatic world are settling on a strategy to deal with President Donald Trump’s rapidly shifting statements on critical issues like trade deals and Russia sanctions: Just ignore him,” Ben White and Megan Cassella wrote.

They quote a Reuters story on Trump’s weird dance with TPP. Trump “is a person who could change temperamentally, so he may say something different the next day”, Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said when Trump led the world to believe the U.S. would rejoin TPP, in yet another of Trump’s reinvent the wheel but only after destroying the vehicle moments, and not as well.

“He has a tendency to fire off in all directions,” POLITICO quotes Jack Ablin, chief investment officer at Cresset Wealth Advisors, saying. “It’s hard to ever know what’s real.”


Foreign leaders are ignoring the little boy who thinks of himself as the Teflon Don (just like John Gotti), the man who runs government like a mob boss only without the honor and without putting his own people first. No, Trump is the mob boss who steals from his own supporters to gild his own toilet and then tells them they are happy about it, as he has done to farmers over his self-imposed, head-banging error on trade.

Unless his aim is to undermine the United States and weaken us in the eyes of the world, Donald Trump’s choices and actions make no sense.