Fresh Off The Golf Course, Trump Hallucinates Record High Poll Numbers

Trump is wrapping up one of the worst weeks of his presidency, but he is now claiming that 93% of the stories about him are bad, and he is claiming that he has record poll numbers without naming the poll.

Trump tweeted:

Trump does not have record high poll numbers. Objective polling shows that Trump’s approval rating has dropped back into the upper 30s. The only polls that have Trump with higher numbers are those conducted by conservative pollsters who have been known to use some dubious methodology. The latest Gallup, NPR/PBS, and NBC News/Wall Street Journal polls all have Trump’s approval rating at 39%. Rassmussen, the abovementioned pollster with the dubious pro-Republican methodology, has Trump at 49% with a 50% disapproval rating.

Contrary to Trump’s claims, his approval ratings are in a new state of decline.

Trump also did not bother to cite a source for his belief that 93% of the news stories about him are “bad.”

Donald Trump is acting as his own communications director and making things up.

The president is cracking under the strain of multiple scandals and investigations. Trump is living in fantasy land because he can’t face the reality that he is a failed president who is crashing and burning before our very eyes.