Trump’s Legal Troubles Mount as McCabe Plans Lawsuit

Andrew McCabe, Former Deputy FBI Director, is planning to sue Donald Trump and his administration for defamation, wrongful termination and other possible civil suits, his lawyer told the media on Friday.

McCabe’s lawyer Michael Bromwich said at the same time that his client was also looking at other possible civil lawsuits that may develop in the weeks ahead.   Bromwich said that he and the rest of their prominent team of lawyers has not yet determined exactly when they will file the planned lawsuits. He indicated that they were taking their time to do everything right to make sure that when they are formally filed they will be “solid.”

“We’ll file when we’re ready,” Bromwich said.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe earlier this year after it was reported that the former Deputy FBI Director had improperly disclosed information to the media and that he lacked candor with federal investigators.

Mr. McCabe and his attorneys have questioned these allegations, saying they are not valid.  They also have complained that they believe that McCabe was being targeted in an effort to compromise Robert Mueller and the investigation of the special counsel.

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz had issued his report last week containing the allegations that McCabe had authorized press leaks in order to “advance his personal interests” and that he had significantly misled investigators.

In announcing the intent to sue Trump, McCabe’s attorney also announced that he hopes to transfer the $567,996 raised for McCabe’s legal costs through a crowdfunding campaign started after his March firing to the official fund.  (The campaign is now closed.)

Bromwich also accused opponents of McCabe, including President Trump, of “continuing slander.”

Trump called the report a “disaster” for McCabe.  He had previously called on Mueller to end his investigation because of McCabe.

Horowitz issued a criminal referral to the U.S. attorney’s office in D.C. on Thursday related to McCabe’s conduct that his attorney called “unjustified.”

Bromwich said that his client had told then-FBI Director James Comey that he was disputing the stories in the press about the Hillary Clinton investigation which were critical of him.  He said he was negotiating a way for them to get released the communications (emails and phone call transcripts) between McCabe and Comey which he said would offer clarity and exonerate his client.

The lawsuits are piling up for Donald Trump and his administration. This occurs as he is facing intensive pressure from the FBI raid on his lawyer’s office and the Mueller investigation, in addition to the Stormy Daniels case.  Trump is learning that his actions have consequences, and everything he does makes his legal problems even worse than they are already.