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Trump Crime Caught In Progress As He Publicly Monetizes The Presidency

Former White House ethics chief Walter Shaub warned that Trump is trying to monetize the presidency by referring to his private club as the “Southern White House.”

Shaub tweeted:

Trump is engaging in previously unfathomable levels public presidential corruption

Trump began his day where he has spent his week, at his private club with his trip being paid for by taxpayers. After a morning of playing golf, again, with the travel and security costs being paid for by the American people, Trump used the platform of the presidency to try to sell his private club as “Southern White House.” This is an unprecedented level of public corruption, which is why we need a Democratic Congress to investigate and check Trump’s spending of taxpayer funds.

There is no debate about what Trump and his family are doing. They are using the presidency for personal financial gain.

As Walter Shaub pointed out, this is part of a campaign. It is no accident. Trump isn’t interested in governing. His only intention is to bilk the American people for as much as he can get before he is run out of office.

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