Joy Reid Gives Brilliant Hypothetical Opening Statement For Trump’s Impeachment Trial

MSNBC’s Joy Reid gave what should be the opening statement in Donald Trump’s possible impeachment trial.

The AM Joy host laid out a damning pattern of facts that could and should sink Trump on the grounds that he obstructed justice.


Reid laid out the facts:

The Comey memo comes out the and now we’ve got all these memos here that he right. These were contemporaneous notes he took after talking to Donald Trump, with Donald Trump asking him about the pee tape repeatedly, asking him all these questions, also saying, can you please see your way to letting Michael Flynn go? … One more little piece of evidence, this is a timeline of events leading to Jim Comey being fired. January 6, Comey briefs Trump on the dossier, gets asked all these questions. Trump is inaugurated then on the 20th. Six days later, Sally Yates, who is the acting attorney general, tells the White House that Michael Flynn could be compromised. Trump then has dinner with Comey the next night. 30th, Yates is fired. Then Flynn resigns. Then Trump asks Comey to drop the Flynn investigation. Then Trump calls Comey and says can you please lift the cloud over him by ending the investigations. Then Comey doesn’t do it. He gets fired. Then Trump tells the Russians he fired Comey to ease the pressure on himself.

The case against Trump is clear

Despite Trump’s insistence that the entire Russia-obstruction investigation is a “hoax,” the facts are clear.

Not only has Trump repeatedly and openly sought to derail and obstruct the special counsel investigation, but there are a growing number of red flags surrounding his campaign’s links to Russia.

The most recent piece in the collusion puzzle comes in reporting that Michael Cohen – and Trump – lied about his secret visit to Prague during the campaign.

As I noted last week, that bit of information confirms a key part of the infamous Steele dossier, which continues to become more credible with each passing day.

Former deputy assistant secretary of defense Michael Carpenter tweeted at the time that the Cohen revelation is a “huge development” that essentially proves “collusion happened.”

Ultimately, any opening statement in a potential Trump impeachment trial should – as Joy Reid demonstrated on Saturday – simply be a reading of the cold hard facts.