Kellyanne Conway’s CNN Interview Disastrously Backfires On Trump

Kellyanne Conway was sent on CNN to defend Trump, but instead, she made things worse by being unable to answer numerous questions on why Trump is worried about Michael Cohen flipping.


CNN’s Dana Bash asked on State Of The Union, ” You just heard the president talking about Michael Cohen saying people will flip if the government lets them out of he thinks Cohen won’t do that. Why is the president talking about the notion of Michael Cohen flipping if the president didn’t do anything wrong?”

Conway danced, “Look at everything the president said about Michael Cohen. He is defending someone who has worked with and known for a dozen plus years who he thinks is being treated unfairly. Two tales. You have Jim Comey going out on a big book tour after saying don’t leak, I’m not sneaky and doing all of the above. More on that in a moment. And then you have Michael Cohen who the president believes is being treated unfairly at this moment. The methods really have disserved the president. He said in the cabinet room when he got word of the raid that he felt the methods were a, quote, disgrace. That should concern everyone. No one is talking about the contents of the documents. People are speculating. But the method should concern people. Look at the DNC server. The FBI didn’t bother to secure or search and here Michael Cohen is subject to a raid by the same organization.”

Bash tried again, “Let me get back to the original question which is at its core what does the president have to hide that he is worried that Michael Cohen will flip what information does he have to give?”

Conway went into verbal hiding, ” That wasn’t your original question respectfully. He is saying this is a fine family man. He thinks he is being treated unfairly.”

Bash tried a third time, “My initial question was what does he have to hide if the president didn’t do anything wrong. Are you confident, just trying to get at the same notion and see if you can tell me if the president did unequivocally nothing wrong that he is worried that Michael Cohen will tell the feds about?”

Comay replied, “You’re asking me what do I know is in documents over a dozen or so years. I’m telling you the president’s concerns have been for Michael Cohen and the way he has been treated.”

Here is why the interview was a disaster for Trump

If Trump is innocent, the answer is easy. The president did nothing wrong and is not worried any legal jeopardy. Kellyanne Conway never said that. She tried to twist the meaning of Trump’s tweets into concern for Cohen. Kellyanne Conway has one job in the White House, and that is to go on TV and defend Trump. No one can figure out what else she does in the White House. Conway used to be able to give straight answers, even if they were lies.

The fact that Conway can’t give a direct answer to a simple question is telling.

The CNN interview was supposed to defend Trump, but it disastrously backfired and made him look guilty.

The situation has gotten so bad that even Kellyanne Conway can’t lie away Trump’s troubles.

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