Trump His A New Level Of Pathetic As He Shows His Terror Over Obstruction Of Justice


Trump is so terrified of being impeached for obstruction of justice that he used conservative opinion columnists to proclaim his innocence.

Trump tweeted:


As former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti pointed out:

Trump is terrified that he is going to be charged with obstruction of justice

Trump should be terrified that Mueller is going to find that he obstructed justice. There is a mountain of evidence in Trump’s own behavior that shows a pattern of obstruction. Trump drafted the memo for his son that was a lie about the Russia meeting. He fired the FBI Director and said on television that he fired Comey over Russia. There is evidence that Trump has pressured the Department of Justice and the FBI to end the investigation. There has been a consistent pattern of obstructing the Russia investigation since Trump took office.

Conservative opinion columnists aren’t legal experts.

Legal experts think that while a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russia government might be difficult to prove, obstruction of justice looks like a more solid case. Trump’s new defense is sad and pathetic. He is trying to fool people into believing his innocence. Trump has provided no supporting documentation to back up his claims. Trump was supposed to be a fighter, but what the nation is witnessing is a corrupt man who is in way over his head drowning in a lifetime of illegal behavior.

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