Hero Of Waffle House Shooting Has Raised Nearly $50,000 For Victims’ Families


Good Guy Without A Gun James Shaw Jr., or the 29-year-old hero who stopped the Waffle House shooting that claimed the lives of four people on Sunday, has continued to prove he deserves every bit of admiration that’s being sent his way. Shaw is now using his elevated profile to raise money for the families of those who didn’t survive the tragedy.

After a gunman opened fire at a Waffle House restaurant, Shaw took action by tackling the man to the ground and grabbing the weapon from his reach.

In numerous interviews Shaw has explained that he acted simply out of the need to find a way to survive, not necessarily out of nobility.


“I’m not a hero. I’m just a regular person,” he said at a press conference after the shooting.

His actions during the attack and the ones he’s now taking afterward undoubtedly make him a hero to countless people, however.

Just hours after the shooting, Shaw created a GoFundme campaign to help the families of the four victims who died. At the time of this writing, the fundraiser has accumulated over $48,000.

Given that all four victims of the attack were people of color, that the gunman is a white man, and that Shaw is a black man who saved the day without needing a gun, it should be thoroughly unsurprising that Trump has yet to comment on the situation at all.

If, unlike the president, you’d like to help these families donating to the fundraiser Shaw started is a great way to do so.