John Oliver Buys An Ad On Hannity To Tell Trump Not To Kill The Iran Deal

HBO’s John Oliver is making a direct appeal to Trump through buying an ad on Trump’s favorite Fox News show Hannity telling the president not to kill the Iran deal.


After playing the ad, Oliver said, “That ad is scheduled to run during Hannity in the D.C. Area on Fox News this week, where it will presumably confuse a lot of people. And I’m not saying it’s going to change anything, but at least we’ll know we tried.”

It is terrifying that anyone can speak directly to Trump by buying an ad on Fox News, but this is where the nation is. The country is being run by a man who gets all of his information from watching TV. Even if Oliver doesn’t change Trump’s mind, he accomplished something very important with the ad. He got people talking about the upcoming Iran deal deadline.

In the world of scandal and chaos that we all live in currently, it is easy to forget that there are actual policy decisions being made that could change the fate of the world. John Bolton has been lusting after a war with Iran for decades. Trump dreams of being a wartime president. There is a strong possibility that Trump kills the Iran deal as a pretext for war. Forget North Korea, and Syria. The real fantasy for neo-cons has always been regime change in Iran.

Trump has called the Iran deal bad but never provided any reason for why it is so bad. The Iran deal is a good deal. Trump only thinks it is bad because it came from Obama. The world is already on edge, and Trump can push us all over in a few weeks. Some ads on Hannity aren’t going to change Trump’s mind, but they will put pressure on this administration to back of their Iran war dreams.

That pressure is the point.