Pennsylvania Republicans Call Polls Fake As Blue Wave Comes To Drown Them


A blue wave is about sweep through Pennsylvania, but the state’s Republican Party is calling the polls fake and refusing to admit that Democrats are coming for them.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported:

In interviews with state GOP chair Val DiGiorgio, Senate candidate Lou Barletta and gubernatorial hopeful Scott Wagner this week, the trio of Republican stalwarts espoused similar rhetoric about their party’s bright future in the midterm elections, assuring that the popularity of their president and success of the economy will stave off Democratic gains.


“I’m not buying the polls. It was the same thing that I saw as I traveled through the state in 2016, when everybody said, including the Hilary Clinton campaign — which was not campaigning here — that the Democrats had the state,” Mr. DiGiorgio said. “I’m seeing it again. People are working. Their paychecks are going up. Their 401Ks are getting fatter.”

“I don’t know why anybody would want to vote against a track record like that,” he added.

Republicans are in denial about the blue wave

The Pennsylvania Republican leadership is in denial. Anytime a candidate has to rely on what they think they saw two years ago, it is a sign of someone who isn’t living in reality. Political landscapes change quickly, so what Republicans believe happened in 2016 is certain not to match up with the reality of 2018. Trump barely won Pennsylvania. He is not going to run to the rescue and save Republicans in a state where he has a net negative approval rating and a majority of voters disapprove of him. Trump campaigned hard for Rick Saccone in the Pensylvania House special election, and Saccone lost a district that Trump carried by 21.
The midterm election is about an unpopular president in a state where the congressional map has put House races back on even terms. Republicans should be doubling and tripling their efforts hold their seats. Instead, they are living in denial.

A blue wave is coming, and it is going to sweep through the Keystone State and throw Republicans out of office.

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