Rob Reiner Delivers A Message Of Hope To Democrats As Blue Wave Builds

During an appearance on MSNBC, Rob Reiner told Democrats that the policies that Trump and his EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt are pursuing could be reversed.


Reiner said, “As a Democrat, all I can think of is many of the things that have happened in terms of deregulation, and to me having a massive negative impact on the environment is those things can be undone. We can reverse a lot of those things. And that’s the hope. That’s the hope. I mean, look, we lead the way here in California for air quality, for emissions control, and all of that. And so that is what we should be taking our lead from.”

The Trump presidency is an exhausting dark cloud that hangs over the nation’s head, so it is important to remember that much of what Trump is doing is Executive Branch policymaking. The Republicans don’t have it together enough to do any sweeping legislative changes outside of their tax cuts. All of the policy changes that Trump and Pruitt are making can be reversed with the stroke of the next Democratic president’s pen.

Trump has motivated Democrats to come out and fight for their country, and with a victory will come the ability to undo any damage that Trump has done.

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