Another Democratic Victory As Six-Term GOP Congressman Is Kicked Off Ballot In Colorado


Democratic victories keep piling up in the era of Donald Trump, with the Colorado Supreme Court ruling on Monday that six-term GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn can’t run for re-election due to a discrepancy with his petition ballots.

According to Politico, “The court ruled that a petition gatherer working for Lamborn’s campaign did not live in the state at the time, rendering the signatures he gathered invalid and moving Lamborn below the threshold for ballot access.”

“Therefore, the supreme court holds that the Secretary [of State] may not certify Representative Lamborn to the 2018 primary ballot for Colorado’s Fifth Congressional District,” the court ruled, according to Politico.


Since the Colorado Supreme Court ruled roughly 300 total signatures to be invalid, Rep. Lamborn fell below the 1,000 needed to qualify for the primary ballot.

In other words, after six terms in Congress, the GOP lawmaker can’t seek re-election because he couldn’t obtain 1,000 legitimate signatures.

Republicans are nothing short of a hot mess going into the midterms

While Rep. Lamborn is already promising to file a federal appeal – and maybe he’ll be successful in getting the decision overturned – his sloppiness is just a small part of the overall chaos unfolding within the Republican Party with the midterms just months away.

The GOP is struggling to compete in districts the president won handily in 2016, many are retreating via retirement, and the clown show left behind is filled with a bunch of Trump-supporting candidates that will have trouble appealing to large swaths of the electorate.

Meanwhile, Democrats are completing everywhere, and they’re leaving GOP candidates running scared in parts of the country where they should be coasting. The U.S. Senate races in Texas and Tennessee are just two major examples of this trend.

The blue wave is real, and Republican incompetence is guaranteeing that it’ll wipe out more members of their party come November.