A Hysterical Trump Tantrums That He’s The Most Obstructed President Of All Time

With Republicans controlling the entire federal government, Donald Trump claimed that he is the most obstructed president of all time.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s own party is the majority on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

If Trump’s Secretary of State pick, Mike Pompeo fails to clear the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, it will be because Republicans voted him down. Democrats aren’t obstructing Trump. They don’t control anything. There is no obstruction. Trump has failed to send nominees to the Senate for hundreds of positions. The nominees that he has sent over are often like Pompeo, ill-suited for the position, or unqualified.

Mike Pompeo has never been a diplomat. He got the nominated to Secretary of State because Trump likes him. Trump picks bad people for all of the wrong reasons. That is the reason why his nominees struggle to get confirmed.

The most obstructed president of all time is not Donald Trump. It’s Barack Obama. Senate Republicans and Obama obstructed a Supreme Court nominee. What Trump is referring to as obstruction is an issue of presidential incompetence. If Trump wants his nominees confirmed, the first step is to select better-qualified nominees.

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