White House Busted As Trump Lied About N. Korea Agreeing To Denuclearize

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders admitted that North Korea never agreed to denuclearize, but have expressed the will to denuclearize.


Transcript of the exchange between Huckabee Sanders and Jon Karl:

Karl: And will the president, he said in a tweet they agreed to denuclearize. Where did they do that? Already agreed to that?

Huckabee Sanders: Certainly in a number of conversations including the comments I refer you back to also South Korea president moon who said North Korea expressed a will for complete denuclearization, and certainly that’s the focus of any conversation and negotiation that the United States will have with North Korea.

So the White House never directly heard from N. Korea that they have agreed to denuclearize, but they heard second hand from South Korea that North Korea is willing to go in that direction, which Trump exaggerated to mean that North Korea has agreed to denuclearize. What Trump said was happening is not even close to where the North Koreans are at, so it is easy to see where this summit is heading. Trump is going to legitimize the North Korean regime. Kim Jong-un will make a bunch of vague statements that Trump will tout as a deal and then complain that no one is giving him credit.

The progress with North Korea is quickly being exposed as another Trump fraud.

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