Democrats Slam Republicans Over Proposed Rule Change That Speeds Up Confirmation Of Trump Nominees


Democrats are slamming Republican legislators trying to enact a measure that would greatly diminish the number of hours of required debate time for President Trump’s nominees to be confirmed.

Currently, Trump’s picks are debated for up to 30 hours on the Senate floor after they clinch the necessary support to move forward in the process.

Republicans, led by Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford who wrote the proposal, wants to decrease that number to just 8 hours.


This would effectively make the process of moving forward with Trump’s nominees days shorter.

“The Cabinet is turning into a sad game of musical chairs, and the American people are losing out… Senator Lankford’s proposal is misguided, it is wrong, it couldn’t be put forward at a worse possible time,” said Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer on Tuesday.

Delaware Sen. Tom Carper said the proposal was “not well-thought-out” and insisted that they could “do better.”

Currently, there are 205 nominees pending confirmation.

The Rules and Administration Committee is set to vote on Lankford’s proposal this week.