It Takes Rachel Maddow Less Than A Minute To Nail Why Trump Is A Failure


Rachel Maddow drilled it when she highlighted the fatal flaw of Trump doing no vetting which has led to his presidency of failure.



Maddow said, “Nobody asked about the background stuff. I mean, those ones, those are off the top of my head. But this has been a dominant pattern in the effort by President Trump to staff up the federal government and his administration. A lot of folks have really not worked out, in the end. Because Trump gave his endorsement, made the picks. Said, yeah, go for it. I want you. You are the nominee without him apparently knowing the basic backgrounds of people he was choosing. It’s happened again and again and again, in today’s news, it means yet more about Scott Pruitt the EPA Administrator, the scandals are a never-ending gross chocolate fountain of muck the most dramatic headlines are about Ronny Jackson a Washington post was supposed to report last night when white house physician Ronny Jackson whereas named to leave the Veterans Administration the white house did no vetting of Ronny Jackson pursuant to that decision.”

Rachel Maddow zeroed in on why the Trump presidency is doomed

The common thread through Trump’s corrupt and incompetent administration is his failure to staff his administration with good and qualified people. Trump has done the opposite. He has filled the Executive Branch of the federal government with people who are incompetent, corrupt, or both. Ronny Jackson is not fit to lead the VA, but Trump chose him because his personal criteria begins and ends with how much he likes someone.

Presidents are temporary stewards of one branch of the federal government. They have a responsibility outside of partisan politics to keep governmental institutions strong and functioning. Trump is neglecting his responsibilities.

Trump is a doomed president because he is never going to surround himself with “the best people” who can make the government run. Trump has built a bottom of the barrel administration that is destined to fail at whatever they try to do.

Because of his own refusal to vet, failure has been pre-baked into the Trump presidency.

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