Trump’s VA Pick Ronny Jackson Was Reportedly Drunk On The Job

Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) said during an interview that Trump’s pick to be VA Secretary was drunk on the job according to information that his office has received.

NBC News’s Kasie Hunt tweeted:

>April 24, 2018

Ronny Jackson is an example of Trump choosing “the best people”

Jackson should never have been considered to run the VA. In fact, a new report from the AP on a 2012 Inspector General report found that it was recommended Jackson be removed as the president’s personal physician. Jackson’s drinking on the job may help to explain how Trump passed his physical with such flying colors because only a drunk person could look at Donald Trump and see the picture of perfect health.

Ronny Jackson is another in a long line of disastrous Trump picks. Remember, this is the same president who made Mike Flynn his National Security Advisor after he was told that he was under federal investigation and compromised by the Russians.

Trump has the worst judgment of any president in history, and his nomination of Ronny Jackson looks like an epic display of presidential unfitness.

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