Blue Wave Swallows Paul Ryan As 57% Of Voters Call His Speakership A Failure

A new Quinnipiac University poll reveals that as the blue wave grows, 57% of voters think that Rep. Paul Ryan’s speakership has been a failure.

From the Quinnipiac University Poll:

American voters disapprove 69 – 22 percent of the job Republicans in Congress are doing and disapprove 66 – 26 percent of the job Democrats in Congress are doing.

Voters say 48 – 40 percent, including 48 – 36 percent among independent voters, they would like the Democratic Party to win control of the House of Representatives in this year’s elections.

Voters say 48 – 42 percent, including 47 – 40 percent among independent voters, they would like to see Democrats win control of the U.S. Senate this year.

Ryan’s term as House Speaker has been mainly a failure, voters say 57 – 31 percent.

The last number, which I have bolded, is a killer for House Republicans. Paul Ryan is considered a failure, which means that the House Republican majority is considered a failure. Republicans will have had full control of the federal government for almost two years by the time the midterm election arrives, and they will have passed one major piece of legislation that is unpopular with voters. House Republicans also hurt themselves with their efforts to kill the ACA and take healthcare away from 30 million people.

The blue wave is about Republicans

The driver of the blue wave is a rejection of the Trump presidency, but voters are also rejecting the Republican control of Congress, which indicates that there is more going on than Trump. A rejection of Republican policies and ideology is also fueling the blue wave. It turns out that people like having access to affordable health care. They don’t think that rich people and corporations should get big tax cuts while they get little to nothing.

Republican policies under Trump/Ryan/McConnell have cemented the idea those who aren’t at the top are being left behind.

This election will center around Trump, but as the harsh judgment of Ryan’s speakership shows, the response is about Trump and the men who are leading his party.

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