Even Scott Pruitt’s Mentor And Senate Ally Is Fleeing From Him

The Republican panic is so high over Scott Pruitt that his mentor and close Senate ally Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) is calling for an investigation.

The New York Times reported:

But Mr. Inhofe said on Tuesday that he was now concerned enough about the allegations — particularly those of ethical lapses in Oklahoma — that he would like to see them investigated.

“I want to check and see how authentic the accusations against him are. If they are authentic it could have an effect,” he said. “But sometimes things are not all that authentic.”

The Times also reported that former members of Inhofe’s staff who are now working in the Trump administration are tired of the chaos, and they want Pruitt gone. The problem is Trump. The president himself is corrupt, so he sees no issue with Pruitt’s visible graft. Trump also has no moral compass or sense of public obligation, so he thinks that there is nothing wrong with having an EPA administrator who is robbing the taxpayers blind.

Republicans are worried that Pruitt is going to cost them in November. Pruitt, Trump’s support him, and the Congressional Republican willingness to do nothing are combining to paint a powerful portrait of corruption with voters.

A smart president would have never nominated Pruitt or would have dumped him at the first whiff of scandal, but Donald Trump is not politically smart. He is the White House to do one thing, enrich himself and his family, so it is no surprise that other members of the administration have gotten the message and are following his lead.

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