Michael Cohen Is About To Go Down And Trump Knows He’s Going With Him

In further evidence that Donald Trump is panicking about the documents seized during the Michel Cohen raids, the president’s lawyers say Trump wants the ability to review the files himself.

As ABC News pointed out a short time ago, Trump’s lawyer Joanna Hendon wrote in a letter to U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood that the president “will make himself available, as needed, to aid in our privilege review on his behalf.”

According to the report, “Hendon’s letter came after Wood set a hearing for Thursday on the matter, asking lawyers for Trump and the president’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to explain how they will review materials being turned over to them by prosecutors.”

The letter:

As Sen. Richard Blumenthal said on The Beat with Ari Melber on Wednesday, Trump’s repeated efforts to get his hands on the seized documents show that he is “joined at the hip” with Michael Cohen.

In other words, if Cohen goes down, Trump will go with him – and he knows it.


When Ari Melber asked Sen. Blumenthal what Trump’s endgame is by getting involved in the Cohen investigation, the Democratic Senator said:

His motives are difficult to discern and the legal advice he’s getting here is even more obscure, but by involving himself personally, directly, hands-on, he is embarking on a course that is fraught with danger but it reflects a mentally on his part, apparently, that he and Cohen are joined at the hip legally and possibly practically in terms of where this investigation is going.

Trump is terrified of the crimes the FBI could find

If Trump knew he had nothing to worry about when it comes to the documents seized by the FBI, he would let this process play out without getting involved. Instead, he’s doing all he can to prevent investigators from reviewing the Cohen files.

That’s because, as I wrote several weeks ago, Donald Trump has no shortage of scandals and legal trouble nipping at his heels after just a year in the White House.

Whether it’s his efforts to thwart the Russia investigation, his extramarital affairs or his family’s shady business dealings, this president can’t afford another backbreaking scandal.

Donald Trump knows that he and Michael Cohen are inextricably linked – and that should terrify the president as federal investigators dig into all of Cohen’s skeletons.