Fox Poll Stunner: Strong Majority Think Trump Is Guilty Of Criminal Or Impeachable Offenses


In a poll that will enrage the already panicked President of the United States, a strong majority of the country believes that Robert Mueller will uncover evidence that shows Donald Trump is guilty of impeachable or criminal behavior.

According to the Fox News survey, a whopping 56 percent of the country believes “it’s likely that Mueller’s probe will find Donald Trump committed criminal or impeachable offenses.”

What’s worse for Trump is that the American people don’t share his opinion that the special counsel probe is a witch hunt. Instead, they want it to continue.

The poll found that two-thirds of respondents – 67 percent – feel “it is at least somewhat important the investigation continues.”


Overall, the combination of Americans who believe Trump is guilty of crimes and those who believe that Mueller’s investigation should continue unimpeded should have the president concerned, to say the least.

America believes Trump’s guilt will motivate him to fire Robert Mueller

Likely as a result of the majority view that Trump has committed crimes, an even larger group of Americans believe the president will eventually fire Robert Mueller.

According to the survey: “Even though a majority feels confident Mueller is treating the White House fairly (64 percent), an even larger number thinks it’s likely President Trump will fire Mueller before the investigation is complete (71 percent).”

Ultimately, the Russia investigation and a flurry of other related and nonrelated scandals are taking this president down. The small minority that continues to support Trump – or believe his bogus conspiracy theories – will not be enough to save him.

That’s because the rest of America – the majority that has been opposed to this president since day one – is paying attention, and they will not rest until Donald Trump is held accountable.