Rachel Maddow Skewers Trump Presidency: It’s Like ‘Roman Candles Inside A Phone Booth’

After a whirlwind day of jaw-dropping news from inside the Trump administration, Rachel Maddow said the chaos associated with this president – amazingly – continues to ratchet up.

Maddow said news in the Trump era is “overwhelming,” and she created a perfect metaphor to describe it:  “Roman candles inside a phone booth.”


After listing a series of would-be major news stories under a typical president, Maddow explained the unprecedented times in which we live:

Tonight, in our lives now, in this presidency, yeah, you’ve just got to like put that in the file because, hey, we’ve got a whole bunch of stuff going off like Roman candles inside a phone booth right now, we’ve got other stuff to get to. All this — I know I have said is this before, but all this to say, if you feel overwhelmed by the news in America right now, it’s okay. It’s not you. The news is a little overwhelming right now, and it continues to be.

Trump just poured gasoline on his dumpster fire

As Maddow said on Thursday, there is so much going on at once that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of – and the chaos stems directly from the President of the United States.

The bad news for Trump is that all of the overwhelming news coming out of Washington lately – everything – seems to spell trouble for him, from the Russia investigation to the Michael Cohen controversy to the mounting ethics questions surrounding his cabinet members.

These scandals are just the tip of the iceberg, too. As Maddow pointed out, there simply isn’t enough time or oxygen to completely cover each and every piece of controversy pouring out of this White House.

And on Thursday, Donald Trump dumped more gasoline on his own dumpster fire by giving the American people a real-time demonstration of just how far off the deep end he has gone.

This is politics in the Trump era: “Roman candles inside a phone booth.”