Ari Melber Explains Why The Trump Tower Russia Meeting Was A Crime

The pieces are coming together, and` here’s why the Trump Tower Russia meeting was a crime.


Ari Melber said, “A lot of this is coming together in public. Now, that is all about the Russians’ involvement in the trump tower meeting. Today we’re also seeing what Donald Trump junior, one of the key hosts to put it together after the e-mails. What he said about it. He’s saying the first topic that Veselnitskaya raised was Hillary Clinton’s donors. Which means where it started was offering this derogatory information about Clinton. So yes, the meeting was about dirt on Hillary Clinton. And yes, now we know the Russians had a link to Putin who was kicking off the conversation. You know, the learning curve about what happened here may not be that steep after all.”

The MSNBC host later explained why the Trump Tower meeting was a crime, “Let’s be clear, campaigns do want information. But information in someone else’s office? You can’t just steal it. That’s a crime. Ask Richard Nixon. Information offered by a lawyer contract Kremlin. You can’t think a thing of value from a foreigner in a campaign. That’s a crime.”

That’s a crime

Taking anything of value from a foreign government or an agent of a foreign government is a campaign crime. The reason why Trump wrote the lie-filled statement for his son that was an attempt to change the topic of the Trump Tower meeting was that he knows that his campaign broke the law. It is not up for speculation or debate. It’s a crime. Period. End of story. If Trump didn’t know that the meeting was a crime, he wouldn’t have tried to cover it up.

The Russia investigation itself is complicated, but Trump’s behavior is not. Trump fired James Comey to end the Russia investigation. Trump fired or reassigned all of Comey’s witnesses. Trump has pressured the Attorney General and made false statements about the Trump Tower meeting.

Innocent people don’t do this.

The Trump Tower meeting was a crime, and everyone at that meeting is going to pay.

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