Mentally Destroyed Trump Claims Democrats Colluded With The FBI And Russia

Trump falsely claimed that Democrats colluded against him with the FBI and Russia during the 2016 election at a rally in Michigan.


Trump said, “Look at how the politicians have fallen for this junk — Russian collusion. Give me a break. I will tell Yu that the only — I will tell you that the only collusion is the Democrats colluding with a lot of people, and a lot of people, and take a look at the intelligence agency, and what about — hey, did you watch Comey on the interviews? Hey, hey. What about Comey? What about Comey?”

There is no evidece to support Trump’s claim that Democrats colluded with the FBI and Russia

Democrats did not hold a meeting in Trump Tower with a lawyer connected to the Russian government. Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager was not connected to Putin. There is zero evidence of Democrats ever having any contact with Russians. Democrats were victimized by an email hack that was carried out by Russia and benefitted Trump. All of the evidence is on the side of Trump conspiring with the Russians, so his claims that Democrats and the FBI conspired against him are the ramblings of a corrupt and broken man.

Donald Trump has no one around him to inject some sanity and reality, so what is unfolding live and in real time is the mental unraveling of a president who is unchecked and out of control. The more Trump tries to talk his way out of the Russia scandal, the deeper the hole gets. Trump is destroyed and obsessed with the Russia scandal, and his latest ramblings in Michigan show a president who is heading for an epic fall.

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