Mitch McConnell Privately Admits That Republicans May Lose The Senate

Mitch McConnell is privately admitting that the energy on the left is so strong that Republicans may lose the Senate in November.

The New York Times reported, “Over dinner with the president and other Republican congressional leaders this month, Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and the majority leader, phrased his advice for the president in the form of a reminder: Mr. Trump should never forget his central role in the 2018 campaign, Mr. McConnell said, explaining that Republicans’ prospects are linked to what he says and does and underscoring that their one-seat advantage in the Senate was in jeopardy….Congressional leaders have left little doubt in private that they see Mr. Trump as a political millstone for many of the party’s candidates. In recent weeks, Mr. McConnell has confided to associates that Republicans may lose the Senate because of the anti-Trump energy on the left.”

The Times also reports that Republicans view their House majority as all but gone, and are already debating the question of how to handle impeachment. Trump refuses to see the reality of the blue wave. Other presidents in similar situations have at first tried to boost vulnerable majorities with fundraising and rallies, as the wave came closer, other presidents have backed off the election and prepared for life without their House and/or Senate majority.

Trump is refusing to acknowledge the reality of what is coming. Publicly, Mitch McConnell has been talking about how motivated Republicans are going to be in November while admitting that the left is fired up. Privately, McConnell is much more worried because he understands that the Republican Senate majority hangs on Trump, and the president is living in a fantasy world where he is popular and will deliver victory.

The political conversation had been centered around Democrats taking back the House, but it is time to talk about the Senate. Mitch McConnell is worrying for no reason. The blue wave wants to take back all of Congress for Democrats.

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