Trump Is Trying To Bribe House Republicans Not To Vote To Impeach Him

The White House is working on a strategy where Trump would try to help key House Republicans win re-election in return for their voting against impeaching him.

The New York Times reported, “According to advisers, the president plans to hold a fund-raiser a week in the months to come and hopes to schedule regular rallies with candidates starting this summer. But there is not yet any coordinated effort about where to deploy Mr. Trump, and there are divisions within his ever-fractious circle of advisers about how to approach the elections. Among his close associates, a debate is raging about whether to focus on House races that could earn the president chits with Republican lawmakers who might ultimately vote on impeachment, or to dig in to defend the party’s tenuous Senate majority.”

The White House is choosing between Trump impeachment or the Senate

The White House is acting like they expect Trump to be impeached, and they expect to lose the House. Forget Trump’s false bravado. The president is so consumed by the Russia scandal and out of touch with the political realities on the ground that he has no idea what is coming. Despite his candidates in special elections where he campaigned for them, Trump refuses to see the blue wave that is coming.

If the White House embarks on a strategy that is intended to bribe lawmakers with Trump raised campaign cash and the president campaigning for them, it will be a sure sign that they are worried about impeachment becoming a reality. When a president is trying to bribe members of his own party not to vote to remove him from office, the country is on the verge of an unprecedented territory.

Innocent administrations don’t consider plans like this one. The Trump administration, at least parts of it, appear to understand that impeachment is coming, and they are trying to buy themselves insurance to keep this president in office.

Whatever the White House thinks is going to be in Mueller’s report is enough to have them planning for impeachment.

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