Rachel Maddow Reads The Leaked List Of Mueller Questions That Should Terrify Trump

The New York Times just revealed dozens of questions that Robert Mueller has for Donald Trump – and it should have the president and his legal team terrified.

Most of the questions relate to the ongoing investigation into whether Trump obstructed justice, but there are “four dozen” that hit a range of topics, from Trump’s Twitter posts to his relationships with his advisers to the “high-profile firings” of James Comey and Michael Flynn.

The Times reports:

The open-ended queries appear to be an attempt to penetrate the president’s thinking, to get at the motivation behind some of his most combative Twitter posts and to examine his relationships with his family and his closest advisers. They deal chiefly with the president’s high-profile firings of the F.B.I. director and his first national security adviser, his treatment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and a 2016 Trump Tower meeting between campaign officials and Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton.

But they also touch on the president’s businesses; any discussions with his longtime personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, about a Moscow real estate deal; whether the president knew of any attempt by Mr. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to set up a back channel to Russia during the transition; any contacts he had with Roger J. Stone Jr., a longtime adviser who claimed to have inside information about Democratic email hackings; and what happened during Mr. Trump’s 2013 trip to Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant.

The questions can be seen here

Rachel Maddow read the questions live on the air – and many of them should terrify Trump

Rachel Maddow read the list of leaked questions on the air, and each of them shows just how many different ways Mueller can nail Trump, especially on obstruction.

The notion that Trump will answer any of these questions honestly and in a way that will satisfy Mueller is far-fetched at best. Trump, after all, has trouble answering even the most basic questions without slipping in an outright lie.

Ultimately, one of these questions from Mueller is enough to unravel the president, who has repeatedly offered the American people shifting versions of the truth surrounding each of these topics, particularly firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

Robert Mueller’s leaked questions shed even more light on the direction his investigation is taking. They also once again kill Trump’s repeated claim that he is not a subject of this inquiry.

This is the latest indication that Donald Trump continues to be a key focus of the special counsel investigation.