Stormy’s Revenge: Daniels Sues Trump For Defamation Over Tweet

Stormy Daniels is suing Trump for defamation after he tweeted that the sketch of the man who threatened her was a con job.

The tweet that got Trump sued:

According to NBC News:

The suit alleges Trump’s comment amounts to an accusation that Clifford fabricated the threat and exposed her to ridicule and violent threats.

“Mr. Trump used his national and international audience of millions of people to make a false factual statement to denigrate and attack Ms. Clifford,” the complaint says.


Clifford’s attorney, Michael Avenatti, said, “Regardless of who you are or what position you hold, you are not permitted to fabricate statements in an effort to deceive people. There are consequences for doing that.”

Trump’s own lawyers and advisors tried to warn him for years that his tweeting habit was going to get him sued, and now it has happened. The fact that it is Stormy Daniels who is suing him is particularly delicious, and a reminder that Trump created the Stormy Daniels problem all on his own when he decided to fight her instead of letting her out of the NDA. Trump got himself into this mess, and he continues to only make it worse.

Daniels has become Trump’s worst nightmare, as Stormy’s revenge is a constant headache for this White House.

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