Trump Loses It In Front Of The World Over Reports That He’s Unhinged

Trump responded to a report that Chief Of Staff John Kelly said that he was unhinged by losing it on Twitter in front of the entire world.

CNN reported:

White House chief of staff John Kelly has grown increasingly frustrated with President Trump in recent months, even telling senior national security officials last month that he believed the President was becoming “unhinged,” a senior administration official told CNN.

“He said the President was becoming unhinged,” the official said, adding that Kelly appeared to say it in “a moment of frustration.”

Kelly referred to the President as “unhinged” during a meeting with the Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford, and senior National Security Council officials, the senior administration official said.

The CNN report comes on the heels of an NBC News story about Kelly calling Trump an idiot on numerous occasions.

Trump responded as a stable person would not.

He blew a gasket on Twitter:

The way to prove that these stories are incorrect is not by going on Twitter and screaming fake news. A president who wasn’t in the middle of a mental downward spiral would hold a solo press conference in prime time that demonstrated a calm and cool leader who is in complete control. Since Trump is none of these things, and frankly, putting him in front of live television cameras with journalists would be an act of political suicide, the White House let Trump prove all of the reports right with an unhnged rant.

The country can only hope to hang on long enough for Democrats to take over Congress, and get this mess of a human being out of the Oval Office.

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