Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren Are The Early 2020 Favorites In New Hampshire

A new Suffolk University poll finds that former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) would be the favorites in the 2020 Democratic primary in New Hampshire.

Read the full poll below:


Biden is the favorite if Sen. Warren doesn’t run:

If Warren runs, she is the favorite in New Hampshire over Biden:

Biden is strong in NH, while Warren takes support away from other progressives

If Biden runs, he starts off in a position to finish either first or second in New Hampshire. Warren’s presence in the nation’s first primary would shake up the whole race. Warren would take away half of the support for Bernie Sanders and a third of Joe Biden’s support. Without Warren, the contest would be between Biden and Sanders with Cory Booker in third. The Democratic field has the potential to be very crowded. There could be more than 20 declared candidates, which is all bad news for someone like Bernie Sanders. Sen. Sanders will not be able to run as the only anti-Democratic establishment alternative. Elizabeth Warren will split the progressive vote, and possibly make it impossible to Sanders to recapture the magic of 2016.

It is well known that Biden would have wanted Warren on his ticket if he would have run in 2016, and the Biden/Warren ticket should be the early favorite for how 2020 could shake out. The New Hampshire primary is less than two years away, and candidates are already campaigning in the state, and voter preferences are already starting to take shape.

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