The Rachel Maddow Show Is Growing Faster Than Fox News And CNN Combined

The Rachel Maddow Show grew faster in April than Fox News and CNN combined, as MSNBC’s momentum is accelerating as the blue wave builds.

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According to a statement provided to provided to PoliticusUSA about April’s ratings, “The Rachel Maddow Show” continued to rank as the #1 program in the A25-54 demographic across all of cable news as well as for the 9pm time period (including all specials) for the month of April. “Maddow” also performed strongly in total viewers, ranking as the #2 program across all of cable news. “Maddow” averaged over 3 million in total viewers, up +25% (vs. FOX News’ +17% and CNN’s +1%), and 637,000 in A25-54, up +13% (vs. FOX News’ +17% and CNN’s -7%) over April 2017.”

Rachel Maddow is growing faster than both CNN and Fox News

Maddow and Sean Hannity have been trading the top-rated show spot back and forth, but Maddow is growing faster than all of her competition.

The reason is that even when breaking news turns her planned show on its ear, Maddow can deliver breaking news coverage usually with an interview of the person who broke the news. Rachel Maddow offers insightful and intelligent questions that are frankly missing from most of the talking head gaggle that is cable news.

The Fox News strategy of using Trump’s shadow chief of staff Sean Hannity to take back the top ratings spot has not been working. Fox is no longer the dominant force that it once was. MSNBC is on the rise, and if Maddow’s growth continues, it may only be a matter of time before she and the rest of the network leave Fox News in the dust, as the Trump presidency has caused the fatal flaw of the Fox News strategy to be exposed.

Cable news viewers want truth from people that they trust. Fox News’ movement toward being Trump state-run television has pleased an audience of one, but it has reduced the network’s potential audience to Trump supporting Republicans.

Fox News is looking more like the past, as the future of primetime cable news has arrived in the form of The Rachel Maddow Show.

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