Trump Makes Hilarious Claim That He’s Too Busy Working To Sit Down With Robert Mueller

Donald Trump came up with perhaps his laziest – and most unintentionally hilarious – excuse yet for why he can’t sit down for an interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

In a fresh tweet on Wednesday, the president claimed he was too hard at work to find “much time to be thinking about this.”

The president listed “North Korea, China, the Middle East and so much more” in an apparent attempt to bolster his weak rationale for dodging Mueller.

It should also be noted that Trump is quoting John Dowd in the tweet. Dowd, of course, was forced out of his job as the president’s lawyer because he had disagreements with Trump over legal strategy.

Now that Trump’s new lawyer, Rudy Giuliani – who was supposed to be more aggressive toward Mueller – is inching closer to negotiating a Special Counsel interview, Trump appears to be having second thoughts.

Ultimately, it’s clear that Trump is panicking. His inability to stick to the same story and legal strategy is further proof of that.

Nobody believes that Trump is working hard

Trump might be in serious legal trouble, but there is nobody who’s been paying attention throughout his presidency who actually believes he’s too busy working.

This is a guy who has time to go on hours-long Twitter tirades, doesn’t start his workday until 11 a.m., spends just about every weekend golfing, holds pointless rallies whenever he wants to feel loved, and appears on Fox & Friends without even being asked.

Sparing a few hours to talk to Robert Mueller would be easy – he’d just have to skip one round of golf – but Trump will avoid it at all costs.

Hopefully, his future excuses are a lot more believable than this one.